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TecTrade provide a huge rang of motors and controllers for any brushless applications (rc-car, rc-boat, cart, light plane, boat).

We offer a wide and deep product range, for smal and light until strong and powerfull competiton level applications.

You have the choice to use different typ off batterys (Lipo, LiFe etc.), because we assemble our products for any kind of voltage and current.

Our cooling systems are integrated or extrenal (depends on range of application), air-water or fan cooling.

If you need support to evaluate the perfect motor, controller and battery combination. Don't hesitate to contact us!

TTB motor/controller v2  

especially made for 1/8 onroad rc-car application.


  • Testet peak power  7kw (3 second interval on/off)
  • Standard Peak power (1/8 onroad application) 4.5kw


  • 250A Peak current
  • 160A continuous (6s)
  • overheat protection (70°celsius), Lipo protection
  • adaptive timing
  • energy recuperation